Sertifier + RingCentral Integration

A guide to help you connect Sertifier with RingCentral.

Integrating Sertifier and RingCentral lets you send automated certificates to your event participants once the event is finished.

To start the integration process, log in to your RingCentral account and start the Sertifier app integration. You will have to log in or sign up to Sertifier in the integration flow if you are not currently logged in. Once you Accept the integration terms, you will be redirected to the Sertifier app, where your integration will be all set up. Now your Sertifier and RingCentral accounts are connected.

The only step left is to configure a certificate that is going to be sent once a participant attends your event. To do that, you must first create the components of the certificate, which are the Design, Detail, and the Email Template. 

Design Certificate

On the Sertifier home page, you will see the Design tab. From this tab, you can design and use any certificate you want. You can click here for more detailed information about the Design tab.

create new certificate design

Creating Details

The Detail page is the part where you fill in the information about your Digital credentials. You can fill in these details here and use them in your certificates. Click here for more detailed information.

credential type dropdown list

Email Template

Email template is our tab where you design the mail you will send to your certificate recipients. In this tab, you can customize your mail, and you can find more detailed information here.

email template body

For a complete guide to sending Digital Credentials, you can click here.

Now that every component is ready, go to the Integrations tab from the left sidebar and click Create a New Integration. A list will open up of the possible integrations. Select RingCentral from the list. Once you select RingCentral from the list, a dropdown will open, listing the available events from your RingCentral organization. From that list, choose the event you want to be automated. The second input area will be for the attendance percentage you wish to apply to your integration. Only the users with a higher attendance rate than the limit will be receiving certificates.

To give more details on how the integration works with the attendance percentage, 100% attendance means that the participator stayed in the event for the entire duration of the event. Let’s assume your event has a total duration of 60 minutes, if you want a minimum participation of 30 minutes, you will have to set the criteria to be 50%.

The certificate configuration page will open when you continue, where you will pick the components you had created earlier. You can turn the Make Private option on to issue private certificates in this step. Issuing private certificates will mean the other people will not be able to search for the receivers from the web page. The certificates will only be reachable from the link they receive in their emails. Once you select them all and save them, the status of your integrated certificate will turn to “Active”. This means you are all set up and finished with your certificate issuing automation. Congratulations!