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How to Send a Credential?

Sending digital credentials from the Sertifier App explained step by step.


     You can send certificates and badges to individuals by easily creating your own design.  

    • Go to the Create & Send New Credential option in the Dashboard.
  • Select the Send New Certificates or Badge option to start designing your certificate or badge.

  • You can enter your certificate or badge's name, so that you can keep your workspace organized. You can also edit here later.
    Don't worry, recipients won't see this name.


  • Select the Details option to enter the information of the certificate or badge you will create.

  • Click Select Email Template to create your mail content.

  • After saving the e-mail content you created, create a detail for your certificate. Details contain all the information regarding the event/course that will be associated with your credential.


  • Click Select Recipients button to determine to whom you will send the draft you created. Here, you can import recipients from Excel.


    • You completed all the steps. You can make this delivery private to other people by toggling this button. This means that the certificate or badge can not be accessible online, unless shared by the earner.


    • Preview and send your certificate.