Credential Details Complete Guide

Create details to your digital credentials.

When setting up a detail, the initial step involves selecting the event type. By choosing the appropriate type, recipients will clearly understand the training purpose of the certificate they receive.

Navigate to the Credential Details section in the left menu and click on the Create New Detail button located at the top left corner.

creating a new detail for credentials inside sertifier app

To input your Event Details, the first step is choosing a Credential Type on the Detail page.

credential type list

Then, in step 2, you can fill in the details of your event.

credential details section inside sertifier appcredential details section inside sertifier appTo input your certificate details, it is essential to finish the initial step of the new detail you created on the Detail page. Subsequently, proceed to add your certificate details in step 3.

earning criteria field for credential detailsThe final step in completing your credential details is to include Skills. This is where you select the skills relevant to your area of expertise. You can choose from existing skills in the talent library or create custom ones as needed.

skill search section for creating a detail

Now that you have completed all the steps to your credential details, you're ready to Design Your Digital Credential.

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