Sertifier + Moodle Integration

A few step guide to help you connect your Sertifier account with Moodle.

By integrating Sertifier with your Moodle LMS, you have the capability to effortlessly send automated credentials using three distinct setup options:

  • Choose recipients from a list of the courses students and send credentials instantly
  • Set a final quiz grade criteria to only send credentials to students who match the criteria automatically
  • Send credentials automatically upon course completion

To start the integration setup process, go to Sertifier’s plugin directory site. Click on the Install Now button and select the site where you wish to set up the integration. Once this step is completed, you will be redirected to your chosen Moodle site to proceed with the standard plugin download steps and complete the download process. In these steps, Moodle will ask for your API key which you can find from the Sertifier app in Settings > API & Integrations.

After successfully downloading the plugin, return to the Sertifier app to set up your integrated credential. Begin by creating the essential components of the credential, including the Design, Detail, and Email Template sections.

Design Certificate

On the Sertifier home page, locate the Design tab where you have the flexibility to create and utilize any certificate of your choice. You can click here for more detailed information about the Design tab.

create new design in sertifier app

Creating Details

The Detail page is where you input the necessary information for your Digital credentials. This section allows you to fill in the details required for your certificates. Click here for more detailed information on how to create certificate details.

credential type section of creating a detail inside Sertifier app

Email Template

The Email Template tab is where you can customize the email that will be sent to your certificate recipients. In this tab, you can customize your mail, and you can find more detailed information here.

email template page

For a complete guide to sending Digital Credentials, you can click here.

Now that every component is ready, go to the Integrations tab from the left sidebar and click Create a New Integration. A page will be displayed with a list of integration options available for selection, where you can choose Moodle to proceed. Upon selecting Moodle, the certificate configuration page will appear, allowing you to choose the previously created components. Once all components are selected and saved, the status of your integrated certificate will change to Active, indicating that the credential is now fully prepared for integration.

To connect this credential to your Moodle course, simply navigate to the desired course in Moodle and click on Add an activity or resource. This action will open a pop-up window where you can search for and select Sertifier.

sertifier and moodle integration setup

Within the Sertifier plugin configuration page, select the credential you've created from the dropdown list in the Select Delivery field. Once chosen, proceed to customize the various sending options and save your selections.

sertifier and moodle integration setup

Congratulations! Now you’re all set and ready with your integration.