Analytics Pages

A general overview on the Analytics Pages.


Credential Reports

Credential reports give you overall insights about all of your sent credentials.

Here, you can see;

  • Total number of created credentials
  • Total number of recipients
  • Delivered and undelivered credentials 
  • Metrics if your recipients openeddownloaded, or shared the credentials you sent them.


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Marketing & Ads Reports

Marketing & Ads Reports allows you to see the general overview of your marketing insights. Ads section gives you data on how many times are your credentials shared, what is the total cost that you would pay for such an outreach with paid ads. In this section, you can analyze how your ads perform.

The credentials sent via Sertifier are easily shareable online. These credentials carry your brand image on them, so them being shared by people will cause a good organic marketing and recognition of your brand. Ads will help you figure out an organic marketing effect and how valuable is that.

Recipient Engagement Reports

Recipient Engagement Reports shows you a general overview of your recipients’ activities.

You can see each of your recipient's personal information and their top skills based on their learning path, as well as the total number of credentials they earned, the total number of downloaded credentials, and the total number of shared credentials on social platforms.

sertifier app analytics section recipient learderboard activity

Event Logs

Event Logs shows you all of your recipients' recent activities. Event logs let you see every recent activity of your recipients; if they received their certification, downloaded, or shared them.

sertifier app analytics section event logs of recipients

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