What are Marketing & Ads Reports?

Marketing & Ads Reports allow you to see the general overview of your marketing insights.

Digital credentials serve as a powerful tool to showcase your brand. A robust credentialing program can effectively connect you with potential leads.

Every credential issued through Sertifier can easily be shared across various social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Xing, Yammer, and WhatsApp. Recipients often choose to share their credentials with their network on these social accounts.

Each credential shared on these social platforms serves as a strong advocate for your brand. Additionally, the contact details, including your website, contact email, and social accounts that you include on your profile, can be easily accessed through credential pages, enabling visitors to easily connect with you.

Did you know that you can track the statistics of the above-mentioned metrics? You can see how many people have viewed your credentials, contacted you through them, and visited your website or social accounts on your Marketing & Ads reports.

The Overview section lets you see the statistics for;

  • # of Viewers
    This graph shows how many unique visitors have viewed your credential pages.
  • # of "Contact Issuer" Button Clicks 
    This graph shows how many times you’ve been contacted through the “Contact Issuer” button located on your credential pages.
  • # of Website Visits
    This graph shows how much website traffic you acquire through your credential pages.
  • # of Views
    This graph shows how many times your credential pages have been viewed.

overview graph

The graphs for Credential Shares display the frequency with which your credentials are shared as posts on various social platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Yammer, and Xing.

credential shares graph

Social Media Traffic graphs illustrate the amount of traffic directed to your social accounts through your credential pages.

social media traffic gained from sent credentials graph


The Ads feature on Sertifier enables you to add banners to your credential pages, providing you with the opportunity to promote your desired content directly to visitors. The Ads Report allows you to assess the effectiveness of your banner ads.

Within this section, you have the ability to assess the performance of your ads. The graphs below provide insights into the total number of ad clicks, views, and viewers.

  • Views
    This graph shows how many times your banner ads have been viewed.
  • Clicks
    This graph shows how many times your banner ads have been clicked.
  • Viewers
    This graph shows how many unique visitors have viewed your banner ads.