Analytics Status Update

Effortlessly keep track of your recipients' status whether they opened, downloaded, or shared their credentials.

Monitor the status of your recipients including their interactions with their credentials such as opening, downloading, and sharing. The Analytics Status Update feature keeps you informed about these actions, providing valuable data to evaluate the effectiveness of your certification efforts.

*Delivered: You can see the successful deliveries to your recipients here.

*Opened: Displays whether your recipient has opened their digital credentials yet.

*Downloaded: The "Downloaded" status provides information If your recipients have downloaded their credentials.

*Shared: The "Shared" status allows you to see the platforms on which your recipients shared their digital credentials.

*Undelivered: You can display If the credential you sent was not successfully delivered to the intended recipient.

*Added to LinkedIn: This status enables you to to directly track if the credential is added to  LinkedIn profile of the recipient.