Analytics Pages: Reports

Analytics pages allows you to have access to your Credential Reports, Recipient Activity, Event Logs and Marketing & Ads.


Credential Reports

Credential reports provide comprehensive insights into all the credentials you have sent.

Here, you can see;

  • Total number of created credentials
  • Total number of recipients
  • Delivered and undelivered credentials 
  • Metrics if your recipients openeddownloaded, or shared the credentials you sent them.


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Marketing & Ads Reports

The Marketing & Ads Reports provide a comprehensive overview of your marketing insights. The Ads section offers data on the frequency of credential sharing and the total cost associated with paid ad outreach. This section allows you to analyze the performance of your ads.

The credentials shared through Sertifier can be easily distributed online, showcasing your brand image. This organic sharing can lead to increased brand recognition and effective marketing efforts. Ads will provide insights into the impact of this organic marketing and its value.

Recipient Engagement Reports

Recipient Engagement Reports provide a comprehensive overview of your recipients' activities.

You have access to each recipient's personal information and their top skills based on their learning path. Additionally, you can view the total number of credentials they earned, downloaded credentials, and shared credentials on social platforms.

sertifier app analytics section recipient learderboard activity

Event Logs

Event Logs provide a detailed overview of your recipients' recent activities. By utilizing event logs, you can track every recent activity of your recipients, including whether they have received their certification, downloaded it, or shared it.

sertifier app analytics section event logs of recipients

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