Website Customization

Match your brand's identity with your credential verification page and have total control over it effortlessly.

To get started, simply navigate to the Verification Page from the left menu and click "Go to Website Builder" on the Website Customization tab to begin crafting your unique verification page.

credential website URL

Global Branding Settings enable you to personalize the primary color and modify the custom global CSS for your verification page.

global branding verification page

Header Settings provide you with the ability to customize various elements, including logo, menu item names, header text, background color, and button text and colors.

verification page - header settings

In the Footer Settings, you have the flexibility to personalize the footer menu items, adjust background and text colors, and add your social media links.

verification page - footer settings

Meta Tag Settings enable you to include meta titles, meta descriptions, and meta images to optimize your verification page for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

verification page - meta tag settings

In Design Settings, you have the option to personalize the page title text and its associated color. Additionally, you can utilize the colors you've configured by selecting 'Use global primary color'.

verification page - design settings

In the Credential Page > Recipient Card tab, you can personalize the recipient card, where recipient information is displayed. You have the option to adjust the background color, as well as the button and text colors from this section.

verification page recipient card

In General Settings, you can modify the download button and text colors, along with the skill tag button and text colors.

verification page general settings

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