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Send Your First Credential

A complete guide to help you send your first credential.

To send a new certificate, simply click on the Create & Send New Credential button located in the top left menu after logging into the application.

create and send new credential with Sertifier

You can review and edit all steps for creating a credential delivery from this page

Begin by updating the delivery name.

change issue name on Sertifier

Next, it is time to to add details to your credential.

These details include all the necessary information related to the event or course that will be linked to your credential.

create details for the certificate on Sertifier

The details for your credential have been successfully added.

Now is the moment to create a certificate or a badge. You have the option to select which one you would prefer to design and send during the Credential Design step. You can also choose to design and send both a certificate and a badge if you wish.

create new certificate design on Sertifier

Create an email template for sending your certificate. This section provides you with the opportunity to personalize the email that will be sent to your recipients.

create an email template on Sertifier

Lastly, you will need to add recipients. To test the delivery process, consider adding yourself as a recipient with an active email address.

add new recipients on Sertifier

You also have the option to import an Excel file containing a list of recipients to send this credential to.import recipients with excel file on Sertifier

Congratulations! You have successfully completed all the necessary steps to send your credential. If you wish to keep your credential private from others, simply toggle the Make Private button.

make certificate private on Sertifier

You are now prepared to preview and send your certificate. Additionally, you have the option to send a test certificate to yourself or schedule your credential for a specific time directly from the preview page.

preview and send certificate on Sertifier

The certificate has been successfully sent! Please check your email inbox in a few minutes to view and access your certificate.