What Is Collections and How Can I Use It

Collections represent a batch of certificates or badges that are related with each other and that earned with a sequence.

Collections consist of a grouping of certificates or badges that are interconnected and earned sequentially. They serve as a learning pathway for recipients, enabling you to organize credentials under a specific subject.

It enables recipients to review and request any additional relevant documentation they may acquire upon finishing a training program.

To create a collection:

To begin, access the Collection tab and select the Create New Collection button located at the top left. Provide the desired Collection Name and Description. Feel free to choose any name as recipients do not have visibility to this. All credentials associated with this collection will be organized under this title.

Once the Collection information is saved, navigate to the Credentials tab to upload your Certificates and Badges. Proceed to fill in the Campaign Details, Credential Design and Email Template sections. This process aligns with sending credentials. Once all necessary information is filled in, click the Update Credential button on the top right to save your progress.

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