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How to Create and Design Digital Badges?

A guide on how to create and design a digital badge.


Click Send New Certificate or Badge button under the Credentials menu.

send new certificate or badge

Enter the name of the badge you want to send. Don't worry, recipients won't see this name.

Since you have not entered details before, you need to create the first submission detail. Therefore, click Select Details to enter the information of the badge you will create.

credential campaign details

Select from the options below for which event type you want to create your badge.

credential type section of creating a detail inside Sertifier app

Enter the information of the event that you will create the badge for in the boxes below.

credential details section inside sertifier app

If you want to add the due date, level of the badge you want to create and if you want to add a document, video, etc. of the event. You can add the internet link found.

credential details section inside sertifier app

Find out what the people you will send the badge learned from this event in the skills section. You can find previously added skills below and select them as well.

skill search section for creating a detail

After completing the details of your badge, go to the select design option to create your design.

Click Select Badge Design to create your design.

 select badge or certificate design

Select  a design you have created before or select the Create New Design option. If you are going to design your first badge, select the Create Your First Design option.

create new badge design

You can use the badge bases in the Bases section from the left menu.

badge designer bases section

With the Ribbon option on the left, you can choose the ribbon that suits your badge.

badge designer ribbons section

With the Icons option on the left menu, you can choose the appropriate icon for your badge.

badge designer icons section

Once you create your design, you can click Save Design and proceed to send your badge.