Can Sertifier Help Me With Marketing My Brand?

Digital credentials shout out for your brand. A solid credentialing program will work as a marketing tool for you to connect with hot leads.

Yes! The credentials sent via Sertifier are easily shareable online. Shared credentials carry the brand identity on them, so them being shared by people will increase the brand visibility. 

Each credential issued using Sertifier will be sharable on LinkedIn, Facebook, X, Xing, Yammer, and WhatsApp. Recipients tend to share their credential on their social accounts with their network.

Each credential shared on these social platforms serves as a promotional tool for your brand. Additionally, the contact details, such as your website, contact email, and social accounts added to your profile, can easily be accessed through credential pages, enabling visitors to connect with you.

You have the ability to track the statistics of the mentioned metrics. This allows you to monitor how many individuals have viewed your credentials, reached out to you through them, visited your website, or engaged with your social accounts through your Marketing & Ads reports.

marketing and ads reports

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