What is Multi-Institution Feature and How Can I Use It?

Multi-Institution feature empowers users to create and manage multiple organizations under a single account. This guide will walk you through the setup process, key features, and benefits of using this tool.

Getting Started

Creating multiple organizations within the same account is possible.

To begin, locate the button in the top right menu where you can access your User ID. Next, click on the Create Organization button and input the name of your new institute in the pop-up window before saving it. Please note that your new organization will be set up as a free account.

multi institution mini

Key Features & Benefits

  • Effortless Management: You can easily manage multiple organizations under a single account without the need for separate logins.
  • Customization Options: Each organization can be customized with its own branding, logo, and settings, providing a unique identity for each entity.
  • Separate Branding: Maintain separate branding and identity for each organization, ensuring consistency and professionalism.
  • Ease of Access: Access and switch between organizations seamlessly from your dashboard, streamlining workflow and saving time.
  • No Limits: There are no limits to the number of organizations you can create under the same account, providing ultimate flexibility and scalability.
  • No Impact on Existing Organizations: Creating multiple organizations under the same account does not affect your existing setup in any way.
  • Separate Payment Plans: Payment plans for different organizations under the same account are separate and billed individually, allowing for tailored billing solutions.