What is a Recipient Limit?

The recipient limit represents the number of distinct users you can send your certificates to.

The recipient limit represents the number of unique users you can send your digital certificates & badges to.

During the Free Trial, you can send digital certificates & badges to up to 20 recipients to test out the service. With the Essential plan, the recipient limit increases to 1000. The Pro subscription plan offers three tiers: Pro 1000, Pro 2500, and Pro 5000, allowing for up to 1000, 2500, and 5000 recipients respectively. Please note that any unused recipient limit cannot be carried over to the next subscription period. Each subscription period lasts for 1 year, providing ample time to leverage your recipient limits and utilize our services to their fullest potential.

Additionally, recipients who have already received a credential during a previous period will not be counted again towards the recipient limit or deducted from it once more. This ensures that you can efficiently manage and allocate your recipient resources based on your organization's needs.

You can see your recipient limit from the Settings > Subscription.