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Some of My Recipients Haven't Received Their Certificates. What Might Have Gone Wrong?

You can see your undelivered credentials from the Analytics>Credentials tab.

  1. The recipient may have given a wrong email address. Please check any possible typo.
  2. The recipient might be looking in another mailbox instead of the email that they have given to you.
  3. Although it is not common, the notification email may have ended up in the spam folder. Please ask your recipients to check that as well.
  4. If nothing above solves the problem, go to the "Credentials" tab from the left menu when you sign in to the app. Find the corresponding credential you have sent and click the analysis button. This will direct you to the Reports/Credentials menu, where you will see a list of all of your recipients. Click the "Send Again" button for the recipients who did not receive any certificate. If the problem continues, please contact us via our chatbot that is located on the bottom right of your screen, or email us at support@sertifier.com.
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