1. Plans & Payment

How Can I Get Access to Premium Branding and Custom Domain?

Sertifier offers premium branded credential pages, branded e-mail notifications, custom email-sending domains, and custom website domain features.

Each time our users send credentials to their recipients, an email notification is sent from "no-reply@sertifier.com". Once recipients access their credentials using the link shared in the email notification, they can view their credentials on "Verified by Sertifier" credential pages. 

Sertifier offers customized branding options on this credential sending and viewing experience. By upgrading to the Pro Plan subscription, our users can customize the email content and the credential page with their own brand identity by placing their organization's logo and colors. 

Pro Plan also allows users to customize the email-sending domain to the organization domain by customizing SMTP settings. Instead of the "no-reply@sertifier.com" sending address, email notifications can be sent from the "sender-name@your-organization-domain.com" custom email address. 

Plus, it is also possible to change the credential page URL with an organization domain. All credentials issued on Sertifier are viewed on "verified.sertifier.com". This URL can be changed with any custom domain like "credentials.your-organization-domain.com".

By customizing the brand identity, users can offer their recipients a seamless and premium experience. 

In order to upgrade your account to Pro Plan, please navigate to your Settings > Plans & Payment page, click change plan, and select the Pro Plan option. 

If you're willing to learn more about plan options and features, feel free to contact us by requesting a demo call.