Issuer Verification

With Issuer Verification, we're taking credential authenticity to a whole new level, ensuring your recipients have full confidence in your credentials.

Verified Issuer

Issuer Verification serves as a valuable tool for bolstering the credibility of your credentials, instilling complete confidence in their authenticity for recipients. Organizations can significantly elevate the reliability of their certificates, diplomas, or qualifications by embracing Issuer Verification. This process meticulously validates the legitimacy of the entity issuing the credentials, affirming that the qualifications were indeed conferred by a reputable source. In today's competitive landscape, the significance of credential authenticity cannot be overlooked. Issuer Verification stands out as a vital tool, ensuring that your accomplishments are acknowledged and relied upon with certainty and transparency.

To start the verification process of your organization's identity, navigate to the Settings > Organization section in your account, and then click the Start Verification button located on the bottom left of the page. 

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Simply complete the necessary steps to achieve verified issuer status.