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Issuer Verification

With Issuer Verification, we're taking credential authenticity to a whole new level, ensuring your recipients have full confidence in your credentials.

Issuer Verification is an innovative way to boost the trustworthiness of your credentials. It ensures that your recipients can be completely confident in their authenticity. By adopting Issuer Verification, organizations can enhance the trustworthiness of their certificates, diplomas, or qualifications. This process checks if the entity issuing the credentials is genuine, confirming that the qualifications were legitimately awarded by a reliable source. In a world where the authenticity of credentials is crucial, Issuer Verification is a game-changer, making sure that your achievements are recognized and trusted in a reliable and transparent way.

To start the verification process of your organization's identity, navigate to the "Settings > Organization" section in your account, and then click the "Start Verification" button. 

Simply complete the necessary steps to achieve verified issuer status.