How to Upload a Custom Certificate Design?

You can upload your design by clicking the Upload Design button on the certificate designer section. 

When using the Sertifier App to design certificates, you will find the Upload Design button. Simply click on it to upload your custom design.

upload custom certificate design

upload custom certificate design

Requirements for the Design:

  1. It should be a horizontal A4 file.
  2. It should be either a .png or a .svg file.

If it's in any other file format, you can convert it to any of these formats and add it to the system.

We recommend using .svg files as they result in better quality. When uploading a .svg file, make sure that you are using a font that is included in Sertifier's designer, else it will appear as Times New Roman.

To prevent this, you can:

  • Rasterize the fonts in your design.
  • Use a font that is included in Sertifier App.
  • Don't include any text in your design, and put all the text in Sertifier's Designer.