How to Create and Customize Your Verified Wallet Account

Creating and customizing your Verified Wallet account is a straightforward process that allows you to efficiently manage and share your credentials. Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your account and personalize your profile:

1. Creating Your Account

1. Access the Menu: Open the Verified Wallet platform and locate the menu.
2. Click Sign Up: Within the menu, find and click on the "Sign Up" option.
3. Provide Email: Sign up using the email address connected to the credential you wish to manage.
4. Complete Information: Fill in the required information in the sign-up form, ensuring accuracy.
5. Submit and Verify: After providing your information, click "Sign Up." You'll receive a one-time password via email.
6. Enter One-Time Password: Check your email for the one-time password and enter it to verify your account.
7. Confirmation: Once verified, you're now logged in to your Verified Wallet account.

2. Customizing Your Profile

1. Navigate to Profile: Within your account dashboard, find and click on the "Profile" section.
2. View Credentials: Here, you'll see all the credentials associated with your email address, including those received before signing up.
3. Disclosure Options: Organize your credentials into tabs based on what you choose to disclose to others.
4. Profile Customization:

- Add Profile Picture and Cover Image: Click the "Edit" button to upload a profile picture and cover image for personalization.
- Bio and LinkedIn URL: Enhance your profile by adding a bio and linking to your LinkedIn profile.
- Apply Changes: After making desired adjustments, click "Apply Changes" to save your profile updates.