1. Credential Details
  2. Credential Detail FAQs

How Do I Create a Detail?

First, click on the Credential Details tab on the left. Then you can see the details you previously created here. You can use them or create new ones if you want. If you want to create a new one, click the Create a New Detail button.

creating new detail for digital credential

Then choose a credential type from the list. This information will be displayed on your credential page. It indicates the type of the credential or the type of the event that will be awarded with this credential.

credential type section of creating a detail inside Sertifie app

Then fill in the credential type details and proceed with the next step. Here, you can set an expiry date for your credential, choose a level, and state if it was a paid event or not.

credential details section inside sertifier app

Then fill in the earning criteria for your credential. This information will be displayed on your credential page as the earning criteria. Enter the required criteria to be completed to earn this credential.

earning criteria field for credential details

You can add skills that are not available as well as choose from existing or AI generated skill suggestions. When you save after completing the Skills / Knowledge section, your process to create details is completed.

skill search section for creating a detail