How Do I Create a Detail?

To begin, navigate to the Credential Details tab on the left-hand side. From there, you will find the details you have previously created. You have the option to either use them or create new ones as needed. If you wish to create a new detail, simply click on the Create New Detail button.

creating new detail for digital credential

Next, select a credential type from the list. This detail will appear on your credential page, indicating the specific type of credential or event associated with it.

credential type section of creating a detail inside Sertifie app

Next, provide the necessary details for the credential type and continue to the next step. Here, you will have the option to set an expiration date for your credential, select a level, and indicate whether it was a paid event.

credential details section inside sertifier app

Next, input the criteria needed to earn your credential. This information will be visible on your credential page as the earning criteria. Provide the required details to fulfill the criteria for obtaining this credential.

earning criteria field for credential details

You have the option to include additional skills that may not be listed, or choose from existing or AI-generated skill suggestions. Once you save after completing the Skills / Knowledge section, your credential creation process is finalized.

skill search section for creating a detail