Advanced Recipient Attribute Filters

Advanced Recipient Attribute Filters allow you to simplify your credentialing process by letting you find your recipients from a large pool of recipients.

Recognizing the difficulties in identifying recipients from a vast pool of hundreds or even thousands, we are pleased to present our Advanced Recipient Attribute Filters, aimed at streamlining your credentialing process.

The Advanced Recipient Attribute Filters streamline your credentialing process by helping you easily locate recipients within a large pool.

Whether you are looking to target specific individuals based on their qualifications, performance, or event participation, our advanced recipient attribute filters empower you to make precise and efficient recipient selections. Just define your criteria, and Sertifier will take care of the rest, ensuring that your credentials are delivered to the right recipients effortlessly. Bid farewell to manual searches and save valuable time by swiftly narrowing down your recipient list.

Utilize the Edit Columns feature to customize the organization of your Recipients page according to your preferences. Just click on the attributes you wish to display and apply the changes.