1. FAQ's About Sertifier

What is Content Discovery?

Content Discovery is an AI backed content curator that will help you find the best content for your recipients to support their learning.

Content Discovery is basically an AI backed content curator. You will pick your desired topics and sources, we will bring you related content automatically.

content discovery feature of Sertifier

Why we developed Content Discovery?

During the previous months, Sertifier team launched a survey to understand the best methods of learning with 10k+ individuals who identify as lifelong learners. Our survey pool basically shared most common method of learning is daily and informal learning - meaning blogs, videos, and podcasts.

As you are all tutors, educators, course creators, and leaders; we wanted to give you a hand by finding you the best content for your recipients to support their learning end to end.

Opportunity: We see this feature will allow the whole community to enhance their methods of learning, ergo do not hesitate to reach us and suggest additional features via support@sertifier.com.